Corporate Prayer and Fasting – January 11th – January 31st, 2015 (COMPLETE)

Join us as we fast and pray together to start off 2015. Fasting and praying is scriptural and is very pertinent in our lives as Christians. The act of fasting is denying yourself from food to some capacity. This act causes us to separate ourselves from our flesh. The act of praying is an exchange between us and God where we present our wishes/ideas to Him, and in return He imparts faith and persuades us to take on His ideas for us. The act of praying draws us closer to God. It is another way of worshiping Him. If you choose to join us in prayer and fasting, please pray about how God would have you to fast and use wisdom making sure that you do not do anything that endangers your health. Let God lead you in choosing how you will fast and what to pray about. Please remember to also pray for Church of His Glory and what God has in store for the church to manifest this year! We love you all and look forward to hearing the praise reports from this time of prayer and fasting!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for joining us in prayer and fasting. Although our corporate prayer and fasting time is over for this season, please be led by the Holy Spirit to fast and pray for different things as He leads. As always, exercise wisdom and only fast as led by His Spirit and without doing any harm to yourself in the process.